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With so many people sitting at home, we wanted to do something nice. Playing with the base set is always free, and for the following days we'll add one additional expansion on a rotating schedule. The rotation happens at 0:00 UTC. You can check the Account tab to see what expansion is available right now and for how long.

The schedule for the free expansion is:

March 21    Intrigue
March 22Seaside
March 23Prosperity
March 24Alchemy, Cornucopia & Guilds
March 25Hinterlands
March 26Dark Ages
March 27Adventures
March 28Empires
March 29Nocturne
March 30Renaissance
March 31Menagerie
April 1Intrigue
April 2Seaside
April 3Prosperity
April 4Alchemy, Cornucopia & Guilds
April 5Hinterlands
April 6Dark Ages
April 7Adventures
April 8Empires
April 9Nocturne
April 10Renaissance
April 11Menagerie
April 12Intrigue
April 13Seaside
April 14Prosperity
April 15Alchemy, Cornucopia & Guilds
April 16Hinterlands
April 17Dark Ages
April 18Adventures
April 19Empires
April 20Nocturne
April 21Renaissance
April 22Menagerie
Note that these days are starting and ending at 0:00 UTC.


If you don't like the complexity of another expansion, you can still use the automatch search option "Only base games". "Prefer expansions" implies you would be fine with everything, "Wait for expansions" still waits for someone with at least the Silver subscription.


We decided to continue the free rotating expansion. I don't have further details about the duration, but for now it will just continue and follow the exact same rotation schedule as above.

The current rotation dates, so you don't have to do the calculations yourself. As mentioned above no promise that it will continue:

April 29  Adventures
April 30   Empires
May    1   Nocturne
May    2   Renaissance
May    3   Menagerie
May    4   Intrigue
May    5   Seaside
May    6   Prosperity
May    7   Alchemy, Cornucopia & Guilds
May    8   Hinterlands
May    9   Dark Ages
May   10   Adventures


This weekend the Menagerie expansion will be free to play with.

(i.e. starting 13.5 hours after this post, and lasting 48 hours)