bug with Citadel

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37908592 Tokyo.  Turn 11 (and others)
Relevant cards/Events: Citadel (paid for and 'activated'), Fool, Conclave, and Bridge.  Had bought Fool and used it earlier in the game.

On Turn 11.
1.  Followed instructions for Fool.  (Throughout the game, dealing with this at the start of each new turn  never seemed to be seeing by the game as playing an Action for Citadel, so no issue so far.)
2.  Played Conclave.  I expected one of two things to happen (now that I knew that Citadel would not be "wasted" on Fool's effect each turn):  (a) I would get 2 coins, be asked to play another "fresh" action from my hand--as always happens with Conclave--and then, be given another 2 coins and asked if I wanted to play another different action from my hand, or, (b) Have Conclave play two consecutive times (ie, 4 coins) and be asked only one time to play another action card.  But neither of these happened.  What did happen was: I got 2 coins from Conclave, and was asked to play an action card.  I did this when ...
3  . . .I then played Bridge.  But, the game played THIS card twice.  I got 2 coins instead of 1 from Bridge, and 2 extra Buys, and 2 1-coin cost reductions.  It ended up being a very powerful play.

So far, when I ask questions here, I am about zero for 10 in finding an actual bug. (Well, you can't say that I'm not actively trying to help!)  ;)

But I can't see how Citadel skips over Fool (not a huge surprise) AND the first actual new Action card I play in a hand.  Just not seeing how Conclave does not use up Citadel's effect.


Your model 2(a) is the correct one, so what you described was happening would indeed be incorrect. As a side remark, it's not totally clear from the card's wording, but it has indeed been ruled that Citadel plays again the Action card that was first "started to be played" (Conclave in your case), not the Action card that finished resolving first (which would be Bridge in your case).

OTOH, what you described it not what happened according to the game log!

Both in turn 8 and 11 you played Conclave --> Bridge, but then had no other Action card in hand to be used for the second playing of Conclave (so you automatically got the +$2, but not more).

And in both cases you ended up with $5 from this play and a cost reduction by $1, which is correct.

In turn 12 you played 2 Bridges (different cards) and got a $2 cost reduction, which allowed you to buy Province + Duchy + Estate for just $9.

I guess you are mixing up turn 11 and 12 somehow in your memory. Another thing is that you had Destrier in the Kingdom, which was the top-right card so you might have looked at it to determine cost reduction. Since Destrier has additional cost reduction of its own, that might have tricked you (for example in turn 8, when you gained a card via the Boon from Lost in the Woods, which reduced the Destrier's cost).