Loading screen only after login

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The game is not loading after I login, extremely frustrating


Same here for me, my girlfriend, and friend. Seems servers are down or something.


Same for me. The Dominion subreddit indicates at least a dozen other people with the same problem in the past hour.


4 of us having issues logging in as well.


I'm experiencing the issue as well. Upon clicking login, everything just spins.


Same for me. Have tried clearing cookies, using different languages, VPN... nothing working.
Even the sign up page stalls.


Still not loading ...infinite loading screen. It's been one hour since this began


I had similar (in some ways) issue today.

Same problem you had.  Then, after that, at login screen, the "login" button suddenly was grayed out.  Nothing I did fixed it...but after an hour or two, it fixed itself.  Now working fine and was able to log in and play a game right now with no problem.


Thanks to all for your reports!

Stef will try to find out what happened, most likely a server either shut down or was unresponsive for reasons that can hopefully be determined.

At the moment it seems to work (not sure if the problem "resolved itself" or Stef actually did something earlier).