"Nom d'utilisateur inconnu" / "Unknown user name" after using email confirm link

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I am trying to connect to the game but encounter issues.
I created my user account (Milena_Hime) apparently with success, had a first look at the settings and even managed to add a friend. (I didn't start any game, though.)
But after that, I saw the email "dominion.games - welcome" with the e-mail confirmation link and clicked it.
Since then, I cannot login any more. I enter my user name and password and the site keeps saying "Nom d'utilisateur inconnu" ("Unknown user name").
How can I access my account now?



It seems there is indeed no account named "Milena_Hime", "Milena-Hime", "Milena Hime" or "MilenaHime".

My first guess would be that you inadvertently made an error when entering your user name during registration. So take a look at the welcome mail you mentioned, it should spell out under what name you registered.

If it says indeed "Milena_Hime", then please send me a personal message (click here: http://forum.shuffleit.nl/index.php?action=pm;sa=send;u=2367) with the email address you used to register, that allows me to find all accounts registered under that email and then I can maybe find out what happened.