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hi there,
My login seems to be stuck. 
I get to the black screen with the castle.
It says reconnecting.
then it says "Connected to gameserver"
and stays at that screen

Can you please get me out of this infinite loop?


You forgot to mention which steps you have tried already.

1.  Try clicking on "Kick"  (very bottom of screen, in small letters)
2.  If not work, try clicking on "Kick and Resign."

If these in-game solutions do not work, try the usual things we all try with any software or website problems: clearing out your cache; closing down browser and re-opening it; doing a full reboot of computer; etc..


Before you can do what Josh said, you need to open "" in an incognito (Chrome) or private (Firefox) tab. Then enter your name and password, but do not click "Login" but instead the "Kick" or "Kick and Resign" buttons (in small print).