50% militia

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Is there a reason my kingdoms say "50% militia"?  I remember they used to say three cards, don't remember the other two.  Militia is the only card I really don't enjoy playing with, so having it also be the only card that's boosted in frequency is sad!  If it's a setting somewhere, I'd be thrilled to be directed to where to change it.


This means you've put it on your dislike list, so it has only 50% of the usual chance to show up, so you should see it half as often as any other card.

It's not boosted in frequency, it's reduced.


kieranmillar is right.

If you want to look at (or change) your liked/disliked/banned cards, go to the "Cardslists" tab (4th from the right), then choose the one of the buttons on the left.