Stuck Connecting to Game Server

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Hi, I'm trying to log in to Dominion online, and whenever I enter my credentials, I am stuck at a screen with "Reconnecting", with "Connected to Gameserver" on top. Pictures with console logs and network logs are attached.

I had previously started a game and I think I clicked "Undo" or something (on the first turn maybe?) which is when this started.

I hope this can be resolved quickly! I want to play Dominion :P


Somehow your game is "stuck" and you can't connect to it. What you need to do is the following:

1) Open "" in an incognito (Chrome) or private (Firefox) window.
2) Enter your name and password, but do not click "Login"!
3) Instead, click the "Kick" or "Kick & Resign" buttons (in small print at the bottom of the side).

After that is done, you can close the incognito/private window and log into as normal.