March using Way does not work

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When you buy March to play an action, there is no possibility to play it with the Way applied.


There is, but it's not easy to know that :( and maybe that will change at some time.

If you have bought March, you can then click on the Way to activate it (it becomes notabley lighter then). If you then click an Action card, it will be played using the Way.


Game#:  81177911

Does this work with Turtle?

I tried to March JOAT, then play at Turtle, but didn't know about clicking the Way(Turtle) instead of on JOAT.  If I clicked on Turtle, would it then prompt me to choose an Action from my Discard?



Yes, that works for all Ways. I just checked it in your game on turn 2.

You click on March first to buy it, this already shows you your discard pile. Then you click on Way of the Turtle, and all Action cards inside the shown window change their picture to a Turtle picture, to indicate that they now act as Turtles if clicked. You can undo the click on Way of the Turtle by clicking again on it, so the cards now act "normal" when played.


Hi Ingix, really appreciate the follow-up on this, I'm not sure when I'll run into that situation again.  Thanks for the information!