Conclusion of 2020 Dominion Online Championship

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471 players competed this year for the title of the 2020 Dominion Online Championship. After 8 rounds of matches, the final results are in!

Congratulations to nasmith99 for being the 2020 Dominion Online Champion!

Congratulations as well to:
2nd Place: markus
3rd Place: Freaky
4th Place: nerdbound

5th Place (tied): catoftheyear, JNails, pop180, RTT

Final bracket can be found here:

Check out the videos and interviews of the top 8 matches below:


Finals Videos:

First Place Finals: nasmith99 (1) vs. markus (35)
Commentated by Mic Qsenoch and ceviri

Third Place Finals: Freaky (2) vs. nerdbound (77)
Commentated by aku chi and Stef

Semi-Finals Videos
SF #1: nasmith99 (1) vs. nerdbound (77)
Commentated by aku chi and Sicomatic

SF #2: Freaky (2) vs. markus (35)
Commentated by Burning Skull and jonts

Playlist of all Championship videos
Thanks to Sharur for compiling it