Bot Freezes on Plaza

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Game ID 64024168 (converted from game with real person).
Bot plays Plaza, gets stuck.
As a side note, it doesn't seem like Bot can be forced to resign. Request Bot to be given same timeout restrictions as real players.


Thanks for the report, serakfalcon!

For the resign request:

The bot is supposed to play immediately, which usually happens and sometimes gets a small delay when many people play at the same time. That it gets stuck is a bug, not some "bot is taking too long to think" situation.

Basically you can just resign the game and start a new one. Even it it's more than 2 players, you can't really continue anyway, because who is going to take the place of the unresponding bot? There are no different AI's, it's always the same program behind the the different bots, so the "new" bot will be stuck as well.

For the specific problem:

It looks like you are still in the game right now, I can't investigate until the game is over.


Noted, I just left it on in case the resign feature actually came up. My thinking is there are a number of edge cases where the bot might get hung up and giving a way out for user would be nice. but fair point on just resigning. Game ended