Development server open for anyone for 48h to play under the upcoming UI changes

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From Stef (posted on discord):

This weekend (lasting 48 hours, ending Sunday 19:00 UTC) I've opened up one of the development machines.
The next release will have a lot of changes, and this is a way to show and test them, and possibly get feedback.

If you're interested, you're welcome to go to
It's connected to a completely clean database so you'll have to sign up again.
On this version you also can go to the store to get a subscription, but the final step is fake and you can "pretend to pay".

Saturday 19:00 UTC there will be a tournament on this server as well, Quarantine Cup #46.

Feedback on this version is welcome on discord in #qcup-test-feedback, but if it's a long story or detailed description of a bug, it's probably a better idea to post it on our forum. Please do include a game number when applicable.