Game ended unexpectedly when a player left instead of replacing them with a bot.

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This is from a game I played with my siblings a while ago, on Jan 31. Game #65962375 on the Tokyo server.

One player (lilyblade45) had to leave early, so they resigned. When this has happened in the past, the player who leaves has been replaced with a bot. This time, however, the game immediately ended as a tie (despite the score not even being a tie)

I've attached a screenshot of the End-of-Game screen.


That's certainly not what is supposed to happen. OTOH, both game IDs that can be seen in your screenshot cannot be loaded now, which indicates that something went "wrong" in the game. Since continuing with bots depends on the game being able to load, that might be the next "underlying" reason for not being able to continue.


The same issue happened again today. I have attached a screenshot of the End-Of-Game screen (which, by the way, has declared the game as a "Tie" again, despite the scores).

Originally, there were 4 human players. Blulight16 resigned from the game and was replaced by a bot, Lord Rattington (this is expected behavior). However, a few minutes later, lilyblade45 resigned and the game immediately ended (not expected).

Both times this has happened, the game ended right after lilyblade45 resigned; perhaps the account is corrupt?

Another strange thing I notice is that I am pretty sure we only played two games, yet *three* game numbers appear in the spectator chat. Our first game went fine; it was the second game that ended in an unexpected way.

Do any of the games in the screenshot load for you? I don't know how to load old games myself (assuming that's even possible for me). Here are the game numbers for copy-pasting convenience:
71684400 on ohio
71687617 on oregon
71689263 on oregon


Thanks for the detailed new report,  HydrusBeta.

From the games mentioned, I can load only 71687617 (4 human players). I'll have to look at this in more detail tomorrow.


I looked a little into that.

First game in the list was between you four, lilyblade won.
Second game is another game between you four, which ended when blulight resigned.
Third game is the continuation of the second game, now with a bot in the place of blulight, and that ended when lilyblade resigned. Technically, the 2nd game ended with the resignation and a third game was started at exactly the same point.

In such a case, the game is counted as the resigning player loosing (last place), and the other players winning (1st place), because there is no way to tell how the game would have ended between the non-resigning players. That explains the "strange" result your are seeing, which several players at place 1.

Why the 3rd game (the 2nd "real" game) was not continued after the resignation, is another question. Based on the fact that I couldn't load the 3rd game, that seems (like in your first case) the first-level reason. Of course, the question is really why that 3rd game cannot be loaded, it apparently has only one round of new turns after the 2nd game ended.

Since unrated games makes them hard to find, I couldn't find other 3+ player games that lilyblade resigned. I found one 2 player game that they resigned, which I could load. So I'm not sure if their account has a "problem", as suggested.


I also encountered this error tonight. When someone left the game ended as a tie even though there was no tie for first (though there was for 3rd). I didnt think to get the server number but it was Oregon and ended ~ 8:15pm MST. It had 5 players.