Have more emptied supply piles to end game with 3+ players

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I play from time to time with my friends and we usually play 3-5 players at a time. When we play we often find that the games end too soon and it usually comes down to three supply piles beeing emptied, often when you are about to put your strategy into action. So our request is that it would be possible to change the rules for a 3+ player game so it require more supply piles emptied in order for the game to end.If you could look into this it would be great


Thanks for the suggestion, but it likely will not be done.

Officially the game for 1-4 players ends with 3 empty piles, and with 4 empty pile for 5-6 players, which is the way it is implemented. That means that 4 player games have less Provinces per player as 2/3 player games, which will need an adjustment in strategy.


Ok too bad it would really have improved the playability in a three or four player game


Just no.

If your strategy can't be put into action until the piles are getting low, it's a lousy strategy for a game with three or more players. The game has a very different feel with more than two players (and I happen to both enjoy it more and to be better at it with three or more players than with two, just as it is).