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How to report bugs

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If you discovered a bug, please describe it in this forum.

Please always include the game number and server.
It's in green in the chat when the game starts, e.g.
"Joining game #62 on frankfurt-test."

If the bug is about the interface, please also include what browser you're using, what computer system, and depending on the nature of the bug maybe a screenshot can help. We don't need this information when it's about cards, card interactions or the game log.


I've made Child Boards for every known bug and put all the yet-found bugs there. In future, please, post your bugs in the board you will find appropriate for it. If you don't know to what board your bug is referred to, don't worry. Post it in "Other bugs" and someone will figure out where to put it.


Bug Report - Prince plus Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market set aside, but did not function entire game.

Game #6917782 Oregon.



Quote from: Wavyhill on 16 September 2017, 05:33:45 PM

Farmer's Market set aside, but did not function entire game.


Farmer's Market trashes itself, at which point it will stop functioning because it is in the trash rather than set aside with Prince.

In general, playing Prince on any card that moves itself somewhere will lead to likely disappointing behavior.


Quarry not working on new cards game #8010223


Quarry reduces the cost of Action cards. Night cards are a different type (like Treasure cards).


When you use Lurker, the entire trash (duplicates included), displays across the screen which blocks the bottom 5 action purchases. I just lost a rated game because of this.


You can click inside the Lurker reveal window, but outside any card, to make the reveal window 'jump' between an upper and lower screen position. The lower position will cover your hand, but give free access to the supply piles, as is important in the Lurker case, as you (unfortunately) had to realize.

This feature is not widely known and currently there is no way that a player can find out about without being told.


Making Fun's client had a little red arrow in the corner of that box when this was possible. No explanation was necessary.

A feature that there is no way to know about is not a good enough workaround.


I agree. The reveal window used to be smaller, but was over the in-play area, which players seem less often to want to look at in these situations.


Please see attachment file.
#11625427 on tokyo
I play Duplicate. I can call Duplicate. The log is not good, in Japanese mode.


Thanks for the report! The changes to the japanese version seem to have a few problems that weren't caught on time.


While making game #29058645 on frankfurt, on google chrome Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit), I was unable to select the option for 0-4 or 0-3 event/landmark/projects. As you can see from the screenshot I have uploaded, I could not checkmark the black box that would allow for "none" to be an option. Typically, I will add all 4 slots to be filled by all or nothing, but now when I click on the black box it just unchecks one of the event, landmark, or project options. Looks like that slot is broken.


Thanks for the report!

It turns out the landscape selection is bugged for all slots with Chrome. But because you didn't need to click on the first two slots, you didn't notice with them.

I'll look into this.


wow!!! fast reply! Thanks for looking into this  :) 8)