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March 24, 2020. Playing Dominion Online with 3 players.
Joining game #37684982 on oregon.
Joining game #37685009 on frankfurt.
In this game with two bots, Fortune Teller worked.
I just played with two friends. Fortune Teller was only attacking player #3, every time, skipping player #2 every time. This is not the correct play. It's each (and every) other player (as in all other players), not every other player. There is a bug. Wish I could recreate it with the bots.


Thanks for the report, Gollum!

Unfortunately, without a game number, it's hard to verify this report. I just played a 3 player game with Fortune Teller, and each player played it and it affected each other player, just as it is supposed to.

Could your player 2 have had a Moat, Lighthouse, Champion or similar effect that protects them?

Also note that if player 3 plays Fortune Teller and player 1 and 2 then put a Victory or Curse card on top of their respective decks, if then player 1 plays a Fortune Teller as well, player 2 will just reveal the Victory/Curse on top of their deck and put it back. So from that point of view it doesn't affect them again, but it is noted in the log anyway.

A third possibility is that if a player has no Victory cards in their deck and discard pile (maybe be they trashed all, or have them in their hand), the player reveals and discards all their deck and discard pile contents, then simply discards all without putting any card on their deck.


March 27th, we played a game of 4 and after the game ended everyone of us was kicked out of the game and had to log in again.

This happend twice this evening.

I'd like to know what went wrong and if there is a possibility to see the results.

#37969717 was the last game.


I had a similar problem roughly around German midnight.

Your game was won by SvenGoet with 27 points, followed by you and Dominionator2020 tied at 18 points and Viktor_dominion with 15 points.

You can join the general dominion discord at

There is a bot (DomBot) that can access the database and tell you about results, kingdoms of games and more, that's how I got that info. Open a message session with Dombot and type "!help" and it will list commandos.


Not necessarily a bug, but an area of confusion.

When a Swamp Hag is in play, and you have a Duplicate on your Tavern Mat, the UI will ask you if you want to call Duplicate upon gaining the Curse. The natural thing to do after buying a card is to call Duplicate, thinking that you're duplicating what you bought. But in this case, what you really want to do it NOT call Duplicate, then get immediately asked again to call it, and THEN call it.

I think the solution would be to show the card that's getting duplicated somehow. Like maybe "Call Duplicate (CARDNAME)" instead of just "Call Duplicate."

An example game where this interaction occurred was #45486705. The extra curse was gained by the player dlauk.


Good idea. Note that the button you have to press shows you the card that was gained.


When using the Overlord to play a card, but then replacing that play with a way, the card that got left there has its art permanently changed to the way's art. This occurred during game #51741949. It first occurs on turn 9, where the player "quoyle" had a card in hand with the way art on it. Furthermore, after playing one of the Zombies with a way, the card in the trash has the way art. The example game given has this as well, starting on turn 11 for the player "sshoemaker".


Thanks for the report, quoyle!

You are right, some of "Way art substitution" persists when there are special circumstances (playing a card and leaving it there) and it can be confusing. It' "only" a visual bug, I'm not sure when it will be addressed.


Reporting bug on game #58025195 on frankfurt.

Sleigh and devil's workshop had an unanticipated reaction where instead of gaining devil's workshop to hand, player looked at discard and selected a card from there. See image attached.


That's not a bug, that's how the process looks from the other player's view. Due to changes in rules last year in September/October, cards in the discard pile can no longer be "lost" by having other card(s) go on top of them. Instead you are allowed to look through your discard pile to "find" the card.

In this case, the Devil's Workshop got to your opponent's discard pile, then the Sleigh was discarded on top of it. So now your opponent can "find" the Devil's Workshop (because the Sleigh effect wants to move it) by looking through their discard pile, as it is no longer on top. The rules say if it's not on top you can look through your whole discard pile.

But you are only allowed to take the Devil's Workshop (and the online game makes sure of that). That it says "a card" in the log is just an artifact of how this was setup before the rules change and hasn't been changed yet.


Sometimes, when I set up a table with specific cards and then actually start the game, I get random cards instead. Haven't found a pattern - sometimes real people, sometimes a bot. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


I've never seen this happen, but looks definitely like a bug.


Hi, I just had a game where my black market picture got stuck as a pig after being hit by enchantress once. Attaching picture, unfortunately exited out of the game and don't have the game number.


Yes, this is known to rarely happen with Enchantress (and the Ways).


My rating hasn't moved up or down for several days.