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sprocket science

game #114479396

Far into the game, Lord Rattington plays a Weaver but then freezes, presumably on the decision what to gain.


Yes, Lord Rat has "I don't know what to click now" issues with a few cards, including Weaver.


Game 120062998 `League of Shopkeepers` delivers award at start of buy phase. There's nothing on the card to indicate this, and it's a problem because the +1 action would usually be more helpful in the action phase than in the buy phase. I find it unlikely that the intent of the card would be to give +1 action in the buy phase, so I'm guessing the implementation was based on thinking about the 5 favor award and neglected the 10 favor award.


League of Shopkeepers worked as it should in the game.

It gave you the 5 Favor reward (+$1) and later the additional 10 Favor reward (+1 Action, +1 Buy) after you played the Liaison (Broker). That happened during the Action phase (as Broker is an Action card).

However, with the exception of turn 11, where you could play a Kiln afterwards, you never had other Action cards in hand. That means that the game advanced immediately to the buy phase. If you had had an Action card in your hand (as in turn 11), you could have taken advantage of the +1 Action from Broker, once you had 10+ Favors.

You are generally right that the +1 Action from League of Shopkeeprs is useless if you play the Liaison during your buy phase (e.g. if it is Bauble or Contract). When cards are designed, not everything can be beneficial all of the time. That's especially true for the Favor mechanic, that is distributed among 2 kinds of cards (Liaisons and Allies), where some combinations are not as good as others.


I am unable to log in. It says game is loading, but it never does. I have tried using Bing instead of Chrome but I get the same results. It will not go beyond the log in page. The user name and password are correct, I just cannot get beyond that page.  Thank you, in advance


For some 30 minutes login didn't work :-(

The problem is gone in the mean time :-)


Hope this is the right place to report this. When bot is playing fortune, and has to choose whether to add a coin from coffers, it freezes the game.

Game 132797543 on frankfurt, but has happened several times before.

I have a screenshot if it would help.



Thanks for the report, JanS!

This is an already known bug, unfortunately not yet fixed :-(