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Several times now I have reached the end of a game and when I clicked OK to get to the results I was brought to the main logon screen. First, is there a way to pull the results of past games when this happens? Second, how do we prevent this from happening in the first place?


Usually the logout after a game is the result from a server being restarted during your game (usually for performance reasons, when it bogs down too much).

The best way to get a past results is joining the dominion discord at https://discord.gg/MGAqrH9
There is a bot called "Dombot" (a "user" that is actually a program that has access to the database of played games) that can answer this (and many more) questions!

You have to send the bot a direct message, and type a command:

!prior Ingix

would list my (Ingix') last 5 rated games. If you substitute your username, it will list your last 5 rated games. If you are after unrated games, then you need to know who you played against.

!match Ingix, DonaldX

would list the last set of consecutive games of Ingix vs. DonaldX (not his real account name). This command goes only back a few days, but should be enough for the "I just got logged out" scenario.


lists all the available commands (many more).

As to how to prevent this, there is nothing you can do. Over the holidays more people than usual play, so the servers get loaded more heavily. Server load should go down now when people generally go back to work and have less free time.


This happened in our game: once complete, it didn't go to the usual end-of-game summary page, instead it kicked us to the login page.

THEN... we aren't able to log back in. The buttons are unresponsive.

I also don't appreciate having sign up to Discord to get information.



I just posted a thread about the unresponsive log-in button, but it started after an irregular game ending for me, too.

And it's only the log-in button that's unresponsive.  The Sign-up button, language change buttons and full-screen button all work fine.


There was a problem with connections during the European night that is resolved now. I hope you can now login again. If the problem persists, please post again.