Forgot my username or perhaps old accounts removed?

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Hello Support!

Some years back (like 10 or so I imagine) I purchased quite a few of the online sets of Dominion. My son and I loved the sets and the campaign that was created. My son is off to college now and we wanted to get some online games in.

I have been having difficulty though logging in. I have my normal gamer handle that isn't working and the reset password option says the username doesn't exist.

Can you help? Happy to provide details but didn't want to do that in the public forum.

Thanks much!

Darin Roland


Hallo and nice to see want to stay connected with your son via Dominion.

The bad news first: Unless you cling very much to your old account name, the best option is to start fresh. You might be able to get back your old name, but you will not get back your old expansions. The one you bought were from another company that lost the license to run an Online Dominion game. (where this forum belongs to) works by selling subscriptions. Put simply, you rent the cards for some time (2 weeks to 2 years), then you have to pay again (though the base game is free). All players who had made purchases from the old company got those cards for 1 year for free. That would have been you as well, but that was 2017 and lasted until February 2018.

These are your options with If you want the old account name back, I can help you with that, you can send me the details in a direct message.

However, there is since some time also a new online version of Dominion, that is on Steam in Early Access and will have (or already have, I don't know) a mobile client as well. You can find them here on Steam:

This steam page also links to the official discord support server for their version of the game. I suggest you register there and ask about your old purchases. I don't know details, but what I heard is that you may be able to "redeem" your old purcheses there, I have heard they have access to the database of the purcheses. Again, these are things I heard others say, and as I do support here I don't want get involved detailly with what they do, but it worth checking out.


I kind of figured it would be difficult to recover all the old purchases (we did get our money's worth at least!). I do appreciate you taking the time to provide so much detail and guidance. I'll give the link a shot. Can't hurt.

Otherwise, I'll check out this new model for the game.




I hope Darin will again post back here, with his experience at the other site.  A lot of us lost our "lifetime" subscriptions, and of course it would be great to be able to "reclaim" that status.  Hard to imagine that the other site will honor this, of course.  But . . . hey . . . can't hurt to try!   :)


In the Steam / Google Play / Apple store app, you can put in an email address, if that was the email address you used to buy sets on the previous Goko / Making Fun app, you will get access to all the sets you bought on the old app.


Do you have a link for this? (I play only from my PC desktop computer, so I guess I would to be going to this stream site.  But when I Google "Stream + Dominion" I am only finding ways to stream the TV show/Movie "Dominion."  LOL

Fortunately, I have kept my email address forever, so I expect that they will still have me in their records.  Woo-hoo.


Steam, not Stream.

Steam is a storefront for PC games, owned by Valve (the company that made Half-Life, Portal, etc)

(Just for clarity, to anyone else reading this, the Temple Gate Games implementation of Dominion linked to above, is made by a different company that has nothing to do with ShuffleIt, discussion of it should probably go on the Steam community page for the app, or the Temple Gate Games discord, which I think is linked to in the Steam discussions)