Touchscreen presses kick me to fullscreen mode

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I reported this problem on the Discord where supposedly feedback was welcome but there was no reply. It is still a problem. After using the touchscreen on my laptop, no matter where I touch, I'm kicked to fullscreen mode. It's consistent that after using the touchscreen twice in the Dominion window that it kicks me to fullscreen mode.

I'm on an HP laptop using Google Chrome on Windows 10. I can give more information if needed.

An option to disable fullscreen mode would be an acceptable workaround until this is fixed.

This makes the client unplayable on my laptop, which makes it unplayable for me. I paid for a subscription until next year for a client that actually worked, can I have that client back please?

It seems like this client wasn't really tested well before it was released.


Same here on a surface pro running windows 10. This has really wrecked the game for me, hope it gets fixed soon. It's especially bad because I usually use my surface without the keyboard attached, and this sometimes leaves me without any way to exit full screen. My subscription just expired and I'm not sure I will renew it until this is fixed.


I've reported this issue in multiple places and there hasn't been any response in any of them. It's a shame because I've been trying different things to deal with the fact that using the client makes me nauseous and one of the biggest things that has helped has been to make the Dominion window as small as possible. That's impossible to do when I'm constantly forced to be in fullscreen mode.

An option to disable fullscreen mode would be a quick fix, as I'm sure this issue is probably hard to diagnose.


I've bumped this on the bug list and explained it would likely help with your nausea (which I think is very important thing when considering how bugs are chosen for fixing.


agree to this being a problem.  I also have been playing on a surface pro for several years, 16000+ games, almost all via touch screen, and it is now quite unplayable with the constant auto-shift to full screen.  especially after a game, on the recap page, there isn't even the toggle to leave full screen (as there is during game play), which means that I don't even have a way to pull up a virtual keyboard and leave my opponent a 'gg', never mind discuss playing another game.