Can't Login, clicking on Login button does nothing

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Clicking on the Login button isn't doing anything, as if it's not even a button.
In both Safari and Chrome.

Worked fine yesterday in both.

Version 98.0.4758.102

Version 15.3 (17612.



Same here ;(

I just renewed for a year two days ago and now I can't login to play



Let me add my voice to the crowd.  My "Login" button doesn't work either.  I played it earlier today, now it doesn't work for me.

It seems like the system is in a downtime now, the other messages on this thread if I understand it correctly were something like 17 or 18 hours ago, but there doesn't appear to be a response or additional messages since that time. 

This doesn't make sense.


Apparently this shows some time other than my local time, so my comment was shortly after the other posts--not 17 or 18 hours later.

I don't see a downtime announced in "Announcements".

Can someone respond?  I want to play!


I hear there was a problem "overnight" has is resolved now. Can you try again and repost if the problem persists.