New bugs with version 1.6

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This is a list of bugs of all kinds that have been reported with the version 1.6 (the "New UI") that I'm aware of:

  • open: Sometimes card counts are missing, in the supply and in hand.
  • open: The endscreen takes a long time to load, for several games in a row.
  • open: Repaying debt when in a Voyage turn or under a Highwayman attack may cause you to get "negative Coffers".
  • open: Emissary will not "activate" (give Favors and +1 Action) if it shuffled but the draw was modified by the -1 card token.

Solved (please report if they do come up again for you)

  • A user has a disabled base set. Please make a post in the bug forums if that is true for you as well.
  • Game option pane is longer than screen and "hides" buttons on tablet.
  • Using a touchscreen on a laptop cause the game to become fullscreen.
  • The automatch screen shows part of the screen's source code for a few users, making it unable to be used.
  • Selecting "Continue" on converting Coffers for Wine Merchant discarding will permanetly disable to get that Wine Merchant back.
  • The buttons on the end-of-game screen have zones where they "don't work".
  • Naming a card (Wishing Well etc.) and clicking on split pile will name the bottom card of the pile not the top.
  • On tablets, the very bottom part of the screen may be missing or is overlaid by the devices information, hiding your own cards in special zones (Exilt, Native Village mat) and the row of icons to do undo, call options etc.