Auto grant undo if no new information was revealed

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I practically always grant undo requests (I can't remember any time I refused them) as most of the time, they are honest mistakes, like accidentally clicking/playing a terminal action when you had another +Action card to play as well.

Would it be useful to add an 'auto grant undo' feature which automatically grants undo requests if no new information was revealed?

For instance if my opponent's starting hand is Village, Merchant Ship + 3 Coppers and he played Merchant Ship first. Playing the Merchant Ship has no effect on me whatsoever and no effect on his own strategy, so this seems like an easy undo.

As an example where we would still manual approval, his hand could be Village, Swindler + 3 Coppers and he played Swindler, replacing my Province with another Province, ending the game in my favor. Now granting his undo request would be very silly for me as I would give away a sure win.


Doing something like this was on the agenda, but it was never implemented. I'm not sure if technical difficulties arose, or if it just fall by the wayside.


Why would we want this feature?   Undo is a much abused feature which never should have been added.