Getting unrated games even though I've requested rated ones

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My preferences are set to search for rated games on automatch but I get nothing but unrated games.  Thanks for looking into it.


Probably you're looking for games with Previews. They default to unrated even if rated was selected. You need to choose "No" only for Previews to get rated games (but will also not get previewed cards).


Unfortunately, the default for the Allies Preview (starting today) was to turn it on, which has the effect of making the game unrated.

To get rated games (but no Allies cards), you need to first deselect the "Yes" button in the "Previews" line (which will automatically turn on "No"), and then deselect "Unrated" in the Rating line (which will select "Rated").


it was a clear oversight that I put these rules ("preview games can't be rated") in the server, but not in the client. It confused a lot of people, but I hope the release from ~10 min ago fixed that.