How to "force" new Allies cards into games with Lord Rat?

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I saw, in a different thread, the explanation on how to get one or more cards from Allies into games...a great way to get used to the new cards that are (I guess) currently in Beta.  But, as I create a typical game with Lord Rat, I do not see how to force each game to have an Allies card.  I did go into the Kingdom section and then made sure that Allies was selected/highlighted.  But this just enables these cards, I think--it does not "force" them.  The table that was randomly created did not have any Allies card.  I immediately resigned and created a new table.  No luck again.  Nor for the next 10 times.  Frustrating and a total waste of time.

In the past, with new kingdoms, there was a prominent checkbox.  And if you ticked it; it would force every game to give at least one such new card.  I gather that there is still this checkbox, but it's pretty well-hidden from me. 

Can someone give a step-by-step walkthrough on how to set things up, so that each practice game with Lord Rat will have an Allies card?  Thanks . . . I presume that I'm not the only person wanting this info.   :)


Update:  I found it.  (It's no longer a box to's now an On/Off "slider," but accomplishes the same thing.  But it's at an 'earlier' screen than the page I included in my OP.  If you miss it while setting up your games, you can't go back and fix it.  You have to resign, and leave your table, in order to get to the stage where you can set this up.)