Colonies and shelters must now be random for rated game?

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Yesterday started turning off "rated game" if Colonies or Shelters was set to Yes. It seems to insist that they be set to random to hold a rated game.

To me this is a strong disincentive to play rated games, and once no longer playing rated games, one must wonder why one is playing Dominion at all or paying monthly for additional decks.

It also seems a bit backwards. It might be better to move Colony and the three Shelter cards from Dark Ages and Prosperity to the base set in the case of rated games.

Perhaps this is thought to make rating more fair. But this might be ineffective if rated games are still played with different extensions.




You don't get to customise the kingdom at all if you want to play rated. The limited ban and dislike lists and the card pool level are the only way you are allowed to modify things.

Honestly I'm surprised it's still even an option when you create a table, as being able to choose your opponent is surely also against the spirit of rated.