Eliminate Undo or at least stop people from slow playing when it is refused

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I've been in a game for 40+ minutes where my opponent keeps playing coins and then undoing them.   Over and over...   I have asked for undo to be removed or making it optional for many years.  Can you please at least make undo optional?  And please remove the ability to undo without approval when spending coins. 

I have been paying for this service since Shuffle iT started it and my requests for these features continue to be ignored.   :-(   How hard is to detect someone playing coins and undoing them over and over?   Auto blacklist them when they do so and suspend their account.

Every other online service verifies their users.   Why doesn't Shuffle iT do so?   Tie each account to a phone # via text and the majority of trolls will be stopped.   

The previous providers of Dominion never had this troll problem.  Of course they didn't have undo...

Help us please.


Actually, scripts to slow play existed in other implementations too, Dominion has sadly always had this troll problem. They would play Coppers one at a time just before the timeout clock ran out to reset it, just like they can in this implementation too, although admittedly they couldn't stall forever.

Being able to undo is a great feature and should stay, but I agree that ShuffleIt should do more to automatically detect slowplay or undo scripts. The abuse is the issue, the game would play much worse if you couldn't freely undo autoplay treasures, just so many mistakes made all the time.

In the meantime, why are you sitting in a game for 40+ minutes? Just resign and blacklist.