How to report abusive players

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If you are facing an opponent that is abusive, like making toxic remarks in chat or threatening you, or who is slow-playing you (taking minutes between playing Copper after Copper, for example, which is not to be confused with a player thinking for a while from time to time what to do), please report this using the following Google form:

The reports can only be seen by a few mods, and it helps keeping all the information in one place. You need to enter a few pieces of information (like involved players and a game ID), then describe what happeneded. If possible, copy the chat from the chat window if that is relevant.

We discourage players posting the reports publicly (like here), because in the past there were a few cases of backlash from the reported on players to the players that made the reports.

Of course, also make sure to blacklist the player (click the lightning bolt icon for them during or after the game), so you are not matched with them any more in automatch (among other things). The action against the player may take some time (evaluation what exactly "toxic" is is hard to make in some cases).