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No matter what I do, regardless of browser or device, I get the Reconnecting... message. The game is completely unaccessible to me. Cancel and resign button doesn't work, it always goes back to reconnecting. Deleting cookies doesn't help.

The spinning castle solution doesn't work because the incognito browser never displays the kick and resign.


That sounds bad. The Spinning Castle solution seems to have worked in the past. And you are absolutely sure you are using an incognito/private window and the game login page never shows.

I asked because even I routinely click on "Login" there out of habit, instead if "Kick and Resign".

Donald Z


I understand that this is annoying but...
I frequently have to reconnect because I do not see the actual modus of the game:
- counter of the cards is incorrect
- hand shows not all the money

since today I get a notification of the amount of reconnections. I really hope not there will be consequences for this because the problem is one the server/provider/developer side.


There are no conseqeunces for reconnections from the game's side. The new screen is a method to help getting around the "Spinning Castle" problem, where the game is in a state that you cannot connect to it, but the game tries an infinite amount of time. This kept players from playing for hours and days sometimes, before they asked for help and got told the method to ger around it.

Now, if you try a few times and it doesn't work, you can accept that the game is in that state, and leave it by choosing the "go to lobby" button.

Donald Z

OK thx!
Any idea what the visual problem of the pile counter and "Treasure in hand" problem can be?

Donald Z

Last game I had to reconnect +10 times because lack of information of my board!
Eventually reconnection failed and I had to resign :-(


Yes, it looks like reconnections are a technical problem now, I had this problem as well in my games. This is being worked on.