UX/UI changes

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I'm sorry for anyone who spent time updating the new UI. the site is now updated to match the 2005 era.

Who QA'd this website?
1. The list view of how many cards each person has was alot better before. Now you have to scroll to see other players. How are you sorting the order of the cards? you could have chosen, type, # of unique cards, colour. (See screenshot) terrible

2. Why is the font like time new romans. It hurts my eyes.

3. Hire a new graphic designer and use some rounder edges. square edging really dates your website

4. Good job on the left side panel - many other sites are doing this

5. Starting a new table is confusing. I struggled to select the correct cards I want for the game

6. adding players could have been easier. Add a slot> add bot, add another slot > add bot. Why can't you select a button to add a bot and it automatically adds another slot.

7. There is so much font size change. It is unsettling to the eye on what I should be focusing on. Why is "10" massive? Should my eyes go to that first? UX could hav done a better job here.