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Urchin & Skirmisher

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1. Thanks for the open ear!

2. i think i fournd a problem with a combination of cards:
I head Urchin in play, then played a Skirmisher.
By trashing the Urchin i gaining a mercenary, but it did not triger the Skirmisher. My oponent still head 4 cards in hand.


Thanks for reporting, NobellKnight!

What you noticed is correct behaviour.

The relevant part from Urchin (under the dividing line).

QuoteWhen you play another Attack card with this in play, you may first trash this, to gain a Mercenary.
(emphasis mine)

The "first" part means you (optionally) do the above effect completely, before any part of the played attack is executed. It is the same timing window where you decide if to use a Way(wrong, see remark from Jeebus in answer below), or your opponent decides to use a Moat or other relevant Reaction cards, or you get effects from the Adventure tokens.

So none of the effects of Skirmisher has happened yet when you trash the Urchin and gain the Mercenary. Not the +1 Card / +1 Action, and also not the promise to Militia your opponent when you gain an attack card. The Skirmisher is a bit too late to "notice" the gaining of the Mercenary. As I said, you could even decide after all this is over to play the Skirmisher using a Way.

This is similar to the Priest/Sewers interaction, which is discussed for example here in this forum.


Just a small correction. Trashing Urchin, opponents using Reactions, and Adventure tokens are in the same timing window, but deciding to use a Way is not. Deciding to use a Way comes after (at the same time as the effect of an opponent's Enchantress or Highwayman). This means that if your opponents want to use a Moat or other Reaction, they would have to do this before you decide if you want to use a Way, not after. Your description of Skirmisher is correct; you can decide to use a Way after gaining the Mercenary.


Yes, you are totally right, deciding about a Way comes later!