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In the new UI the other player names are now stacked at the upper left of the screen with my player name in the lower left below the victory cards. Each time the player changes the stack is reordered so the current player is on top so we can all see who is to play next - almost; there is no indication of where I (as a player) am in the rotation.

I suggest that the stack of other players remain fixed in table order with the player to come after me at the top of the stack and the player to come before me in the lowest position of the stack. The current player to be denoted with a small arrow.

In the attached mockup my player follows Revenge Witch, so RW is at the bottom of the stack. It is RW's turn so that is denoted with the small arrow.


I agree. That is something I miss about the old UI. This seems like a change that was made for no good reason.

BTW I don't see any attached mockup. Did you forget to attach it, or link to it?


Yes, that change has come up a few times as confusing. What happens is that when it's not your turn, the active player is always shown in first position, the other players (except you) follow in turn order.

As for the attachment, those have to be approved (we had SPAM attacks on the forum in the past). This I just did now, so now the attachment is visible for all forum readers.