Pair of strange glitches in game 99330013 on Oregon

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A friend and I were playing our third Dominion game of the evening.  This game went wonky two different ways:

1] He played a Royal Blacksmith, which was the only action in his hand, and after drawing and discarding his Coppers the game prompted him to play actions.  Except a] he had none and b] he was out of actions.  He couldn't click 'Skip Actions' either, because the button wasn't there.  A reload showed him 'waiting for jpmaddox', even though that was him.  We managed to undo and he just didn't play the Royal Blacksmith, but that was weird.

2] On a later turn, I decided to skip my buy phase to get the last points from Baths.  After my turn is over, and with the play log saying it was my friend's turn, both of our screens said 'waiting for Sunfall'.  That... was definitely wrong, as my turn was over and I had drawn new cards.

I resigned at that point.


Thanks for the report. This game had Highwayman and debt cards, which is unfurtunately a combination that can leads to a buggy state on the server which persists over time and leads to strange phenomens later, as you witnessed here. Voyage and debt cards has similar issues.

I can see that the initial cause of the problem happened on turn 6 of your opponent, then it "lingered" for 2 turns and manifested itself after your last turn.