Typo in "Weg der Ratte"

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"Weg der Ratte" has "Expemplar" instead of "Exemplar".

In addition, we found the card text hard to understand. As a reminder, it says:

"Du darfst eine Geldkarte ablegen, um dir ein weiteres Exemplar dieser Karte hier zu nehmen."

Until we tried it out, we were not sure if we would get a copy of the money card or the action card (it's the action card). Perhaps rephrase it to:

"Du darfst eine Geldkarte ablegen, um dir ein weiteres Exemplar dieser Aktionskarte zu nehmen."

But I don't know if you're allowed to rephrase cards per the licensing agreement?


Thanks for pointing out the typo, it's corrected in a test build and will hopefully find it's way to the live version soon.

As for the wording itself, I've kept it as is. You will see it's aleady not the German printed wording, the simple reason is that the online translation predates the publication of the German printed version. But it also uses "diese Karte".

The "hier" is supposed to emphasis that you are gaining a copy of the card you are playing. "Diese Karte" is a standard phrase (from "this card") that is used on many cards. It alwwys refers to the card it's on, in extension onWays it refers to the card that is played using the Way.

There is a Glossary for German phrases that explains them (including "diese Karte"), which you can find here:


Again, thanks for pointing out the mistake and raising the issue with the wording.