Autoplay treasures before autobuy

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After playing a set of actions that granted me +1 Buy, I had in hand two Silver and three Gold for a total purchasing power of 13.

While waiting for the opponent to resolve an outcome, I queued up the purchase of a Province and a Duchy. The autobuy system played two Silver and two Gold to buy the Province, leaving me with a Gold in hand and 2 unspent purchasing power.

To also buy the Duchy, I would have had to request a rewind and autoplay the treasures myself.

This double-purchase could have been instrumented by the autobuy system if it had first autoplayed my treasures.


I don't think this is possible. The "premove" feature AFAIK is just waiting for "clicks" to be asked for, which it then can satisfy. In order for multiple buys leading to the correct autoplay of all necessary Tresures, that premove information had to be actively transmitted to the server to be taken into account. From my understanding, the server is totally unaware of that feature.

It's a good idea, though. If that feature is worked on again, it might be a good idea to think about.


Ahhh, I didn't realise it was client-side. That makes sense.

I suppose such a feature in that case would be more akin to being able to 'autoplay' buttons like End Actions, End Buys, Confirm Trashing, etc. before those prompts actually appear - the autobuy would have to additionally queue up a click on Autoplay Treasures. I can forsee that causing a lot of issues, so it makes sense in retrospect why this isn't the case.

Thanks for your response.