Can't get out of Reconnecting screen

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I was playing a game that seemed to freeze.  So I refreshed the page, which took me to the "Reconnecting..." screen, and stayed there.

I tried a few things like clearing my browser cache and restarting but it just always takes me back to the Reconnecting screen.

Eventually I gave up and clicked "Cancel & Resign".  When I do that I see the table screen for a split-second, then I go back to the Reconnecting screen.

I know the platform isn't down because I logged in with an alt account in a different browser window, and successfully started a game against a bot.

How do I get out of the Reconnecting screen?


Sorry for that, it keeps happening and unfortunately the "Cancela and Resign" button omly works rarely.

In order to get out of the Spinning Castle problem, you need to open a private(Firefox) or incognito (Chrome) window , go to, enter your Name and Password, but don't click "Login". Instead, click on "Kick and Resign" (rightmost button below the login area). Then you should be able to login normally (no need for private/incognito tab).