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Richard Loxley

Today's update is very difficult to read on my iPad Pro (11 inch, 3rd generation, running iOS 15.4.1).

The title text at the top of each card, and the card type text at the bottom of each card is very bold, to the extent that it looks blurry and is very hard to read (see pictures).

There's also a long-standing bug, that's become worse in this update: the only way to "right click" a card to enlarge it and see its details on the iPad is to long press on it.  But that selects the image and text on the card, meaning there's a blue box over it, and the iOS user interface for copying text pops up and sometimes obscures the card text.  This always happened, but now there are several blue boxes instead of one, and the iOS pop-up obscures the text more often.  I gather there may be ways in CSS to stop elements being selectable, which might help this problem?


Thanks for the info, I'll forward that to the person doing the UI (I know they changed lots of things, and it looks like it doesn't work as intended in iOS).


Seem to be an effect on all Safari browser platforms (macOS has it too).
Additionally card counting displays do not work correctly anymore in Safari -  Esp. for victory cards (showing always 10 till there is only 1 card left, etc), money or kingdom cards.


There is some bad news for this problem. It cannot be worked on during this week, so any fixes will come next week at the earliest.


Quote from: suet63 on 21 May 2022, 03:31:11 PM

the current text font is different from the image Donald.X post on the forum. Why?

What's available as font for the printer is different from what's available as font in browsers. There are lots of problems in creating good, readable, even printed cards, which are all the same size and "done" at the same printer. There are different problems creating good, readbable in game cards, that are in reality produced and shown on many different devices in many different sizes.


Quote from: suet63 on 22 May 2022, 04:37:09 PM
The two cards I post above, is digital version of cards that Donald.X posted on the forum. used to use the exact same digital version of cards.

What Donald X. posted where digital versions of the printed cards. Of course the workflow is such that the general card frame for a card is combined with artwork, rules text, expansion symbol, artist credit, copyright notice a.s.o. on a computer. Those digital versions are sent to the printing company, who make test printings (color calibration is tricky) and finally print the cards you and I can buy. also uses the card frames, but combines them "on the fly" with artwork (which can be changed to e.g. show the pig picture for cards affected by Enchantress), rules text in the player's selected language and the expansion symbol. It never had (besides in a short-lived test version) artist credits and a copyright notice.

So no, never used the exact same digital version of cards. For a long time for example the printed German expansions came out 6-9 month after the English version. There simply was no way to get a printed German "Spirit" for example when Nocturne went live on (which lead to many changes to German online card names and types when the printed German Nocturne expansion came out and many translations where different).