Card Counts not updating for victory or standard treasure cards

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Quote from: bog on 23 July 2022, 07:14:47 AM
FWIW, I see this issue on my new M1 MacBook Pro, but not my older Intel (with same version of Safari on both). The counts don't update properly in piles or in hand (or the deck) unless they get to below 2 in the stack.

Second that, all card counters are not refreshed till 1 remaining card on my M1 MBP w/ macOS 15.6 - Safari 15.6
No issues on iOS / iPadOS, beta macOS 16 on intel iMac.


Any ETA on this?  It's been a problem for me for a few months.


There is a new UI version in the works that is still being tested by the usual testers, then will at some time become public for testing, before (hopefully) going live later (with fixes to problems found).

There are still lots of issues with it, so the pulic test will likely not be immediate. I brought up this problem again to make sure it is being addressed.