Account seems frozen in "Cancel and Resign" loop

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In the middle of a game I reloaded the page due to some issues that seemed connection related, then after waiting for it to load again, finally clicked on "Cancel and Resign".  This resulted in a flash of a screen with my username and those of my erstwhile opponents, and "Ready", "Spectate" and "Leave Table" buttons, then the same "Cancel and Resign" screen.  Whenever I log in to, regardless of what browser or device I use, I get the "Cancel and Resign" screen and clicking on the button gives the same result.

It seems to be something wrong with my account on the server, not a problem with cookies or settings on my end, as the problem is browser and device independent.  Please fix it.  I'm paying for a subscription and cannot play because of it.  Very annoying.   


The problem is that your account is stuck in an "impossible" state. You can fix that yourself the following way:

In order to get out of the Spinning Castle problem, you need to open a private(Firefox) or incognito (Chrome) window , go to, enter your Name and Password, but don't click "Login". Instead, click on "Kick and Resign" (rightmost button below the login area). Then you should be able to login normally (no need for private/incognito tab).

There is work being done to decrease the occurance of the problem, but for now this is the fastet option to get it working again.