Limit Warchest to cards you can concievably gain.

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In a warchest game you can "bar them from getting cards 6-11, debt cards and potion cards, all of which are obviously un-gainable by warchest.  This is especially bad with the lack of replay confirmation on reactions problem

especially since all the new changes and errata are about making the game simpler for casual players why trick them into banning an ungainable card due to confusion? If it says ban an action card for eg you cant ban golds and provinces too, so why is that an option here?


I agree.  I had an opponent ban Province repeatedly to my mixed annoyance and delight (And, there were not only no cost-lowering cards like Bridge or Highway in play, there weren't even any in the kingdom). 

And while they're at it, they can get Lord R to actually ban a card that costs 5 (say Duchy to make the programming simple) rather than Estate as I observed in the last game I played with a set that seemed so much fun I finished with the bot after my human opponent resigned.