Playing a game through to completion against oneself?

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Once one has loaded an old game, is there a way to play both of the hands?

I recently resigned a game because my opponent seemed to lose their connection when in what looked very likely (but not certainly) to be a winning position.  Out of curiosity I've subsequently loaded the game with me playing as them, which has enabled me to see that they were about to have a poor turn.  But with Lord Rattington playing what would have been my hand, it's impossible to discover whether my opponent's poor luck could have been converted into a fortuitous win for me.


You can do this if you have an alternate account. Then you load the game from your main account, then join the table with the other account, and so play both sides. You need one account to have access to all the cards of the game though. The other account can then be a free one, so is made in 5 minutes.

You need to use two different browsers for that, as otherwise the browser may get confused (at least it used to be that way, I haven't tried it in a long time).


Thanks.  That was to be my fallback if there wasn't some way (unknown to me) to manage to do it from just one account.

Presumably you have had a lot of practice using two accounts when trying to reproduce bug reports!