Why isn't there a disconnection amount threshold that forces resign?

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I played a game yesterday where the guy disconnected 7 times, and it was annoying on the level of intentional slowplay...

How about if you disconnect from one game 5 times, the game forces you to resign?


Disconnections have no effect on the 4 minute timer that ticks for your opponent. Also, whenever you reload your browser page using CTRL-R, that counts as a reconnection (because it technically is). That is sometimes necessary to get rid of screen artifacts (shouldn't be necessary, but unfortunately it sometimes is).

So disconnecting is not something that should IMO be used to decide on a penalty, like a force resign.


Disconnect/reconnect is sometimes not at all the player's fault.  There can be a wonky internet node somewhere between the player's machine and the server.  Since forced resignations (esp. on the three player board) hurt the player's rating/ranking, they shouldn't be based on things beyond the player's control.