Automate the Recommended sets as in the rulebooks

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Hi Stef.

Please add a feature to set up a table by automatically selecting the kingdom cards as listed in the rule books.

E.g. for Seaside and Intrigue there are two recommendations:
Seaside & Intrigue
A Star to Steer By: Bazaar, Lookout, Monkey, Tide Pools, Treasure Map • Courtier, Diplomat, Secret Passage,
Swindler, Wishing Well
Shore Patrol: Cutpurse, Island, Lighthouse, Sea Chart, Wharf • Patrol, Pawn, Replace, Shanty Town,
Trading Post

It would be nice to have a way to simply select the expansion selections and then the game by name and the program selects those cards as recommended.

How about it?



I would also enjoy this feature. Also, I would like to be able to store favorite kingdom setups and assign them custom names for easy access. Keep up the good work!


Yes!  This seems like it wouldn't be hard to implement, and it would be IMMENSELY popular.  I love using the pre-selected sets to learn new expansions and have cards which interact meaningfully.


This (and similar suggestions) has been mentioned many many times, and for many years.  At the old site, a player could take a "journey" and progress through a bunch of pre-selected kingdoms.  A lot of fun for players who usually play with Lord Rat, and seldom/never play with other live people.  It's my sense that bringing that into this new site is something that's always been in the "Good idea.  Maybe we'll get around to doing it at some point." camp.

Sadly, I doubt it's high on the priority list, as it certainly would have been implemented by now if the site manager(s) had any real interest in doing it.