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How can you find a game you want to go back and look at?

For example, I just finished a game then logged out, but wanted to go back and look at the result and reload it to see what the last turn looked like. Because I logged out, the game number was number was no longer in the message section.


For this and many other needs, there is a method on Dominion discord servers:

From Shuffle iT:
The general one (much more content):

It's called "Dombot" and you can send it messages, and it will answer.

For you, the "prior" command seems appropriate:

!prior leafyscreen -n 20

lists your last 20 games, with game number and kingdoms, for example. All commands have built in help with "-h" at the end and you can get an overview with



OK. I went to each link and clicked "accept invite" and on both of them I got the message unable to accept invite.


Did you make a discord account or do you have one already?

You can also download a dedicated discord program/app from first, which may be more convenient.