Lord Rattington and Cards "he" can't play

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Lord Rattington's programmers have yet to make it possible for "him" to play Secret Passage. Mid game, he picks Secret Passage but when he plays it, the game goes dead due to not programming that card into his play. I've noticed this with other cards as well. Seems easy to program topdeck a card.


Yes, unfortunately that's a known but not yet fixed problem, due to a recent change on how Secret Passage is implemented.


People have been trying FOR YEARS to have this site do the simple and easy coding in order to have Lord Rat play Bank and Fortune last in order when buying cards.  Given that it's never been fixed, I would not hold your breath about other (much less significant??) fixes being done re LR's play.  :-)


It's a different magnitude of bug between playing a card badly vs. the game coming to a full stop and not continuing when the bot plays a card.


1.  You're absolutely right.  Game freezes/crashes are much more serious.
2.  The coding I mentioned, however, should be easy fixes.  Right now, the game has been coded to play Fortune and Bank first.  It simply cannot be much more difficult to tell it to, instead, just play them last.  (I'm not a coder, but do have friends in the biz, and have asked about this issue.)  Certainly, no one here has ever posted to say, "We've tried to address the huge problems with Bank and Fortune, but it's proving to be really difficult to code."

Obviously, if we got that sort of response, then we'd have an answer.  Game tried to address the problem, but was unable to.  I think everyone's assumption so far is, "They are just not bothering, and that's really weird.  Why on earth not address it...or, at least, try to address it?"  As I've written before; I now routinely resign as soon as a Lord Rat game happens to get Bank or Fortune...it's no fun playing, since it's almost impossible to lose such a game, entirely due to Lord Rat 'intentionally' playing those cards as poorly as possible.  [Same issue with Remake, since LR tends to buy 5+ of them, and trashes Provinces as often as not.  But, at least with Remake, you can see how it would be really difficult to code, since the strategy varies so widely game-to-game, depending on the kingdom cards, stage you're at in the gameplay, etc.]

My two cents only, of course.   ;D


Add to getting Lord R to play Bank and Fortune last, getting "him" to pick at least some card with cost 5 to ban when War Chest is played, instead of picking Estate -- always picking Duchy would make more sense and surely is a single line of code to change.


I've noticed, too, that there are certain cards he won't buy/play.

For example, I've never had LR buy and play and Old Witch against me. Witch is often the first $5 card he plays, but I've never seen him use Old Witch. There are a number of more recent cursers that fall into this category: Sea Witch, Witch's Hut, Charlatan, Coven. LR buys Young Witch first turn, and never fails to go after Familiar, but for some reason more recently-added cursers are ignored.