Login button not working

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Helge Keil

For the last half hour I wasn´t able to login. I tried firefox and edge. I used a private window to "kick and resign" in both browsers, but the login button doesn´t work.
Thanks for helping!


This is happening with me as well


I'm seeing this as well.  When i click "Login", it says "Loading game..." but never progresses beyond that.  I've also tried "kick and resign" and it did not solve anything.


Still unable to login can't get past the login screen.


Same issue here.. stucked at login screen with "Loading game...", I tried click on "Kick" and "Kick and Resign" on private screen, clean the cache, but nothing happend

Ubuntu 20, firefox 105.0 (64-bit)

Edit: resolved


Yes, there was a problem that seems to be over for the moment at least.