Game not loading after crash

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My opponent had an internet crash, while I presses the rematch button. For me, that lead to the black loadingscreen with the castle and the everspinning circle beneath. After a few minutes I closed it. Then, 2 hours later, i tried to play again, and still, whenever I logged on, i would end up at that loading screen.

Now, fortunately, I know the guy i was playing against.  Asked him to log on again, and immedeatly my loadingscreen was gone, and we ended up in a game.

Guess we need a timeout for reconnection, or something :)


I think what needs to happen is that a game should be cancelled if someone disconnects before it's fully started.

For now, to get you out of a state like this you can enter your login details on the login page and then click the "Kick & Resign" link. There's no need to find your opponent to save you :)