Crown + University and Crown + Crown fails

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game #105507524 on oregon.

Turn 11 - LobsterNinja Lob plays a Crown.
Lob plays a University.
  Lob gets +2 Actions.  <<< shoud also gain card here
Lob plays a University again.
  Lob gets +2 Actions.
  Lob gains a Cartographer.

The first iteration of Univerity fails to gain a card.

Turn 18

Lob plays a Crown.
  Lob plays a Crown.       <<< Should allow me to play Gold twice
  Lob plays a Crown again. <<< Should allow me to play Gold twice
Lob plays 2 Golds. (+$6) Lob uses 1 Coffers. (+$1)

Niether iteration of the nested Crown allows playing Gold. The Crown was played in buy phase.


Thanks for the report!

The first problem (University not gaining a card) I could not reproduce. When I loaded the game, and played that part, I got the full selection of Action cards costing up to $5 to choose from. There also is a "Don't gain" button (because the gain is optional).

I can only imagine that you inadvertantly clicked on that button or something similar.

The second problem I could reproduce. What likely happened is that you played the Crowns in your Action phase. Since there were no other Action cards in your hand, the first Crown played the second Crown, which could play nothing. With no more Action cards in hand, you automaticlly moved to your buy phase, playing your Golds.

There is an autoplay for Crown that should prevent that issue. If your only Actions in hand are Crowns (and there are no Ways), it should automatically advance to the buy phase. That didn't happen here, which sounds like a bug. It seems to be connected with the Coffer you got from Candlestick Maker. But I forward this problem to be looked at.


I'm pretty sure I tried undo for the first case, and got the same result the second pass. I neglected to undo for the Crown+Crown+gold case, so you are probably correct.