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Is there any way to ban more then 5 cards from the game?


For rated games, no (if you don't consider the 3 additional slots available for landscape cards).
There is an additional list for disliked cards, who will come up with reduced probability (50%).

If you don't care about rated games, you can design kingdoms as you wish, including the option to not have cards from certain expansion come up.


Thanks; I understand all that. I only play bot games and don't care at all about ratings or rankings I'm just disappointed I can't keep all the cards I don't like out of randomized kingdoms. I could do so in the previous version of Dominion Online with known/ unknown cards; any idea if they might fix this?


It turned out that this feature, that was intended for players to ease into playing with cards they didn't know, was not really useful for that. It looks like some players, as you did, used it to costomize their bot games.

There was talk about bringing the feature back, but I know nothing of more concrete plans.


Familiar card function. I play with quite a few friends and all of us miss the function that familiar cards had of simply and very essentially removing as many cards from our decks as we like; cards that none of us wanted to see come up ever. We prefer to play using the random function on all decks, but haven't done so without the function of familiar cards. Our game play is much less adventurous and much more boring due to the loss of the familiar cards function.

Please bring back the familiar card function. It could be renamed "Removed Cards" If I had all these decks physically IRL there are a number of cards I would literally throw in the garbage since all my friends would do the same.

So please consider bringing the "Familiar Cards" function back. Thank you!