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Souk losses 20 coins

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m plays a Souk. m gets +1 Buy. m gets +$7. m loses 20 Coins.

the way I read it, and how i suspect Donald intended it, is that you cannot lose more than $7, but, i could be wrong.


The way it's worded, and the way it's intended to be played, is that you can loose all the $ you have, but not more.

If you have $30 after applying the +$7 from Souk, and 20 cards in hand, you can and should loose $20, going down to $10. If you only have $15 after applying the +$7 from Souk, and still 20 cards in hand, you loose all you have and go down to $0.

These are 2 different "transactions" on the card, not one combined, as you read it. You first get +$7, then afterwards loose  some variable amount of $.

EDIT: I haven't checked, I'm guessing the log entry is not taking into account how much money you actually had before Souk. If it sees you having 20 cards in hand, it will log "loose $20", even if you 'only' lost all you had and this was less.

No, it takes it into account, so it looks like in your example you really had at least $13 before playing Souk.