Bot freeze on playing Weaver

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Game #108388409 turn 13, bot uses a villager, plays Weaver, and freezes without gaining anything


Thanks for the report.

Yes, it looks like Weaver will always make the bot stuck.


I just hit this exact same bug again. Game #118628022, turn 16, bot plays Weaver and freezes.

Can we get this fixed please?

For that matter, can we get the entire class of "bot freezes on X" fixed?

If nothing else, programming the bot to literally never play cards that are known to get it stuck would be a start.

Hard-coding "always take 2 silver" would be slightly better.

But it's been 6 months since I opened this thread, the website has seen multiple updates in that time, and known bugs like this are still freezing the AI?


Let me add a "me too" to this post. Bot froze with Weaver on game #118953853